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We are the best agency molded Digital Marketing Institute offering a wide range of Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai and we aim at holding your hand until you have reached your Career or Business purpose.

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100% Placement Assistance

100% Placement Assistance

Courses We Offer

We at DSK Academy can train you with the best and the latest techniques along with the skills required to be a pro in the Digital Field. The variety of courses and the exciting price ranges we offer is the Primary Reason why the Students choose DSK Academy in the first place.

Expert in Social Media Marketing

Unleash your social media potential with DSK Academy’s expert-led social media marketing course! 🚀

Expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlock your website’s potential with DSK Academy’s expert Search Engine Optimization course.🚀

Advanced Course in Digital Marketing

Unlock your digital potential with cutting-edge expertise at DSK Academy’s Advanced Digital Marketing Course.🚀

Tools That You"ll Master in

In our digital marketing course, you’ll master essential tools like Google Analytics, SEO platforms, social media management, email marketing software, content management systems, and digital advertising platforms to optimize campaigns.

Below is everything we cover in our DIGITAL MARKETING COURSE combined with the LATEST AI TOOLS

1. Introduction To Digital Marketing

Welcome to this module, where you’ll delve into the realm of digital marketing. Gain a comprehensive understanding of its fundamental principles and explore key components crucial to crafting an effective marketing strategy.

2. Canva Graphic Designing

In this section, you’ll acquire the skills to craft captivating graphics and images tailored for various purposes such as social media, stationery, and logos.

3. Social Media Marketing

In this module, you’ll acquire valuable insights into the art of elevating brand, publication, or product visibility across social media platforms. Discover effective techniques and strategies designed to captivate audiences and drive traffic to specific websites through the strategic sharing of compelling content on various social media channels.

4. WordPress Website Creation

This module offers comprehensive instruction on crafting various types of commercial websites utilizing WordPress.

5. Ecommerce Website Creation

Discover how to build your own e-commerce website utilizing the powerful Woo-commerce plugin. This comprehensive module covers everything you need to know about selling physical products online, from setting up shipping methods and tax rates to integrating payment gateways, configuring drop shipping options, establishing coupon code systems, and much more. Unlock the potential of e-commerce with step-by-step guidance tailored to your needs.

6. Google Business Profile Creation

In this module, you’ll discover the step-by-step process of crafting and establishing a Google My Business profile tailored specifically for local enterprises.

7. ChatGPT & AI Tools

Discover the potential of artificial intelligence in the realm of digital marketing with our module on “ChatGPT & 16 AI Tools.” Delve into the capabilities of ChatGPT and various other AI tools designed for content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and effective social media management. This compact course equips you with the expertise to harness AI’s capabilities, enabling you to craft inventive marketing strategies and enhance operational efficiency.

8. How to Start Blogging

Explore the core principles for a prosperous blogging venture in this module. Delve into selecting an appropriate niche, crafting engaging content, and fine-tuning for search engine optimization. This all-encompassing course delivers pragmatic insights and effective strategies. Acquire the necessary skills to kickstart your blog and build a robust online presence.

9. Search Engine Optimization

In this module, you’ll delve into comprehensive SEO training, exploring over 50 essential factors that can significantly boost the visibility and ranking of your blog or website on the Google search engine.

10. On-Site SEO Optimization

In this module, you’ll discover the strategies for leveraging over 20 On-page & Technical SEO factors to boost your website’s ranking, amplify traffic flow, and effectively convert visitors into engaged users.

11. Google Search Console

In this module, you’ll delve into the process of submitting your website to the Google Search Console. Gain insights into utilizing sitemaps, configuring robots, optimizing page speed, conducting manual security checks, and more. Embark on a journey to enhance your website’s visibility and performance on the web.

12. Google Analytics

In this module, you will delve into the art of harnessing Google Analytics tools to effectively track and report website traffic. Explore the intricacies of real-time user monitoring, gain invaluable insights, dissect audience demographics, analyze acquisition channels, scrutinize user behavior patterns, and establish and track goals with precision. Unlock the power of Google Analytics to optimize your online presence and drive success.

13. Off-Site SEO Optimization
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14. Local SEO Optimization
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15. Landing Page Techniques

Explore this module to unlock the secrets of crafting compelling landing pages that effortlessly convert visitors into valued customers. Uncover the art of utilizing captivating designs, persuasive language, and prominent buttons to capture the attention of your audience. Brace yourself to enhance the performance of your web pages, ensuring they become powerful tools for achieving greater success in your business endeavors!

16. Search Engine Marketing

In this module, you’ll discover the strategies for effectively boosting your website’s visibility on Google. Dive into the intricacies of crafting compelling campaigns and harness the power of Google Ads to drive valuable traffic and high-quality leads to your site.

17. Google Search Ad Campaign

In this module, you’ll delve into the intricacies of establishing your Facebook advertising campaign. Explore the nuances of audience customization, precise targeting strategies, optimal ad placements, creative ad crafting, and additional essential aspects to ensure your campaign’s success.

18. Google Display Ad Campaign

In This module where you’ll delve into the realm of Google Display Ads. Here, you’ll uncover the secrets to crafting captivating advertisements that effectively connect with potential customers across the vast expanse of the internet. Discover the fundamentals of visual aesthetics, pinpointing the ideal audience, and evaluating the triumph of your campaigns. Acquire hands-on expertise to elevate your business’s online presence and captivate audiences through compelling display advertising strategies.

19. YouTube Video Ad Campaign

In This module where you’ll discover effective strategies for promoting your website or business through YouTube. Throughout this course, you’ll gain insights into various advertising formats such as skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads (including bumper ads), video discovery ads (previously referred to as in-display ads), and non-video ads like overlays and banners. Let’s delve into the dynamic world of YouTube promotion and harness its power for your success.

20. Remarketing Ad Campaign

This module will guide you through harnessing the power of Google Ads to craft an effective remarketing campaign. Discover the art of showcasing our ads repeatedly to potential customers, boosting conversions and driving sales. Learn to strategically target IPs and leverage other databases to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

21. Performance Ad Campaign

Explore the intricacies of constructing highly effective ad campaigns in this module. Acquire the skills to craft advertisements that not only captivate audiences but also yield tangible results. Delve into essential aspects such as deciphering key metrics, implementing A/B testing, and mastering optimization techniques to guarantee that your campaigns achieve optimal impact. Elevate your advertising strategy by gaining the expertise needed to enhance performance and attain measurable success.

22. Mobile App Ad Campaign

Explore this module to delve into the nuances of effectively promoting your application. Acquire knowledge on crafting targeted and captivating advertising campaigns aimed at boosting downloads and user engagement. Uncover strategies for leveraging specialized ad formats tailored for applications and optimizing your presence across various app stores. Equip yourself with the expertise needed to elevate your app’s visibility amidst the bustling digital competition.

23. Products Shopping Ad Campaign

Explore the fundamentals of developing engaging Ad Campaigns for e-commerce in this module. Uncover the intricacies of designing visually captivating product promotions, fine-tuning listings, and pinpointing the ideal audience. Acquire hands-on skills to effectively maneuver through platforms such as Google Shopping, elevating your E-commerce strategy to boost visibility and drive revenue growth.

24. Facebook Ad Campaign

In this module, you’ll delve into the intricacies of setting up your Facebook advertising campaign. From configuring your audience parameters and refining targeting options to selecting optimal ad placements and crafting compelling ad content, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into maximizing your Facebook ad effectiveness.

25. Instagram Ad Campaign

In this module, you will discover the essential steps for launching a successful Instagram ads campaign. From configuring your campaign settings to refining your audience targeting, selecting optimal ad placements, crafting engaging creatives, and beyond, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into maximizing the effectiveness of your Instagram advertising endeavors.

26. Linkedin Ad Campaign

In This module, where you’ll discover the ins and outs of leveraging LinkedIn ads to enhance your brand visibility, drive business growth, and attract fresh leads to your website.

27. Whatsapp Techniques & Marketing

In This module where you’ll delve into the world of WhatsApp techniques and marketing strategies. Discover the nuances of effective communication, grasp insights into audience behavior, and harness the power of WhatsApp’s features to achieve marketing excellence. Gain hands-on experience to elevate brand presence, foster meaningful customer engagement, and execute compelling marketing initiatives on this ubiquitous messaging platform.

28. Ecommerce Marketing

In This module, participants will delve into the fundamental principles of Ecommerce Marketing. Discover various tactics to propel online sales, enhance the performance of product pages, and execute impactful promotional campaigns. Develop hands-on expertise in utilizing digital marketing channels, mastering customer retention strategies, and harnessing the power of data analytics to elevate your Ecommerce enterprise and establish a thriving online footprint.

29. Media Buying & Selling

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of Media Buying & Selling. Explore the intricacies of purchasing and selling advertising space across various media channels. Gain insights into negotiation strategies, audience targeting, and campaign optimization. Acquire practical skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of media transactions, ensuring effective and strategic placement for optimal results.

30. Forum Ad Advertising

In this section, you’ll delve into the fundamentals of Forum Ad Marketing, with a particular emphasis on platforms such as Quora. Uncover tactics for crafting compelling advertisements, gaining insights into user interaction, and maximizing the advantages of marketing through forums. Develop hands-on expertise in utilizing Quora’s advertising tools, establishing connections with your desired audience, and fine-tuning campaigns to achieve significant and meaningful outcomes.

31. Email Marketing

In this module you will learn how to use email marketing tactics and run best email marketing campaign to generate website traffic and conversions by sending commercial emails regularly.

32. Affiliate Marketing

In this module, you’ll discover effective strategies for generating income by showcasing third-party products across various platforms like your website, blog, YouTube channel, and other media outlets.

33. Mobile Marketing

In This module where you will delve into the fundamentals of Mobile Marketing. Explore the various techniques to connect with individuals through their mobile devices, including app marketing, SMS campaigns, and mobile advertisements. Acquire hands-on expertise in crafting compelling content tailored for mobile platforms, effectively promoting apps, and gaining insight into the dynamic realm of mobile marketing. Join us as we embark on a journey to unlock the potential of reaching audiences in the mobile sphere.

34. Content Marketing

In this module, you will acquire the skills necessary to leverage a content marketing strategy for audience attraction and engagement. Explore the art of crafting and disseminating various forms of content, including pertinent articles, captivating images, informative infographics, engaging videos, compelling podcasts, and other multimedia elements.

35. Influencer Marketing

In This module where you’ll delve into the dynamic realm of Influencer Marketing. Uncover effective strategies for establishing yourself as a thriving influencer, leveraging your influence to generate income through product promotions. Gain insights into the nuanced art of product endorsement and placement, drawing inspiration from the experiences of influencers, individuals, and organizations. Develop practical skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing and cultivate a robust personal brand.

36. Online Reputation Management

In this module, you’ll delve into the art of crafting, nurturing, and preserving your brand’s identity and reputation in the digital realm.

37. Google Adsense

Explore the fundamental principles of Google AdSense in this module. Uncover the essentials of monetizing your website through ad displays, gaining insights into strategic ad placement, optimization techniques, and maximizing your revenue. Acquire practical skills to leverage Google AdSense efficiently, transforming your online content into a lucrative income stream.

38. How to Start Freelancing

In This module where you’ll discover the ins and outs of earning income as a freelancer through engaging in freelance projects. Here, you’ll uncover a comprehensive guide, from initiating your journey to achieving success in your freelance endeavors.

39. How to Digital Agency

In This comprehensive module designed to guide you through the process of establishing your very own digital marketing agency. Throughout this course, you’ll delve into a myriad of strategies and tactics essential for not only launching but thriving in the dynamic world of digital marketing. From the initial stages of lead generation and client outreach to the intricate art of client persuasion, proposal crafting, and monthly reporting, we’ll cover it all. By the end of this module, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and competence. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting realm of digital marketing agency management together.

40. Resume Building & Interview Preparation

In This module where you’ll delve into the art of crafting an attention-grabbing resume and honing your interview skills for maximum impact. Uncover valuable insights on constructing a standout resume, including crafting a compelling summary and effectively showcasing your unique skills and experiences. Following this, immerse yourself in interview preparation strategies, mastering the art of answering questions with confidence, projecting a professional image, and leaving a lasting impression. Acquire practical techniques to ensure your resume catches the eye of employers and excel in the interview arena to secure that coveted dream job.

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Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fees Structure of Digital Marketing Course in DSK Academy ?

At DSK Academy Digital Marketing Course Fees Starts from ₹ 10,999/_ incl all Taxes.

What is the course duration of Digital Marketing Course at DSK Acdemy ?

Digital Marketing Course Duration at DSK Academy strats from 45 Days to 4 Months

Who can do the Digital Marketing Course at DSK Academy ?

Digital Marketing Courses is not bounded to any specific background. Anyone who want to make a Career in Digital Marketing Can Enroll like Housewives, Job Switchers, Working Women, Social Media Manager & Business Owners etc.

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Marketing professionals.
  • Aspiring digital marketers.
  • Freelancers and consultants.
  • Students and graduates.
  • Social media managers.
  • Sales professionals.
What are the lecture timings at DSK Academy ?

Daily 2hrs of Lecture Monday to Friday for Certification Program in Digital Marketing Course. Can Choose your Preferable time for your Session.

What will be starting salary you can earn after completion of Digital Marketing Course at DSK Academy ?

Average salary for a digital marketer in India is around Rs. 3.6 lakhs per annum, but it can vary from Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs depending on the level of expertise and the industry.

Is it Difficult to get Job in Digital Marketing ?

It is not difficult to get a job in digital marketing in India if you have the required skills, qualifications, experience, and portfolio, as the industry is growing rapidly and offering great opportunities for businesses and brands.