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What is Alt Text and How Do I Write It

What is Alt Text and How Do I Write It

Alternative Text or ‘Alt Text’ is the HTML code of the image to give the meaning to the image to the search engine, screen readers, and those who are unable to see the image. It is the text-based format of the image that allows visually impaired readers to understand what the image is all about through screen readers or other assistive technologies. Also, alt text is important in search engine optimization (SEO) because it allows search engines to know the image’s relevance on the website page. How to write Alt text effectively? An effective alt text needs a balance of concise, descriptive, and relevant content. Below are some guidelines to help you write the alt text effectively. Be descriptive: Mention the function and content of the image properly. Consider writing for a person who can’t see. Your message should include the purpose and context. For instance, instead of writing ‘dog,’ you can write ‘Golden Retriever fetching the ball.’ Be concise: While an alt text should be descriptive, at the same time, it should be straightforward, too. Write an alt text in 125 characters or less. For instance, you can write a smiling woman holding a cup of coffee  instead of a smiling woman with brown hair and wearing a blue colour t-shirt while having a cup of coffee. Include keywords: You must insert relevant keywords in the alt text to make it SEO-friendly. However, don’t stuff too many keywords, as it can impact the user experience and search engine ranking. For instance, ‘Students attending digital marketing course in a classroom’ (Keyword is digital marketing course). Avoid redundancy: Never start any alt texts with the phrase ‘image of’ or ‘picture of.’ With a screen reader, people will already know that it is an image, so you can avoid such redundancy. For instance, write ‘a group of children eating ice cream instead of ‘An image of a group of children eating ice cream.’ Context matters: You must consider the image context, as your alt text should revolve around the overall page content. For instance, for a blog talking about baking cookies, an image with cookie dough can have the alt text as ‘Cookie dough with chocolate chips ready for baking.’ Functional Images: For images like buttons, graphs, or icons, you must write the message that a particular image conveys. For instance, for the search button, use alt text as ‘search’ for a bar chart to write some key points and trends. Conclusion Alt text is important both from SEO and users’ points of view. By giving meaningful descriptions to your images you can improve the user experience of visually impaired persons and this will enhance your website’s search engine performance. Your alt text must contain image context and content and avoid redundancy in that. Your alt text must contain keywords, but avoid stuffing it too much. With proper alt text, you can make your website content more inclusive and discoverable.

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Best Digital Marketing Course in Thane | Enroll Now

Digital marketing is no longer a buzzword; it has become every business’s backbone. It has replaced traditional marketing to a considerable extent, and companies are now embracing this new technology to promote their services online or on different social media platforms. So, are you looking for a new and trending course which can help you earn a handsome salary and become a part of a reputed company? If so, then go with a digital marketing course in Thane. Digital Marketing Job Role Evolves with Time. The digital marketing field is so exciting because of the different emerging platforms. There is always room for you to learn the new updates and platforms to adjust the strategy accordingly. Most companies look for candidates who can promote their brand on different social media platforms, and hence, you can be the best match for them. Why Digital Marketing Jobs are the Future? While traditional marketing is still there, digital marketing will soon take its place because of its affordability.  Digital marketing professionals can let companies know about the location of traffic coming to their websites and strategies that can give them a higher ROI. This information can be more effective for companies because it replaces guesswork and allows them to take action in the right direction. Demand for Digital Marketers As per LinkedIn, the ‘digital marketing specialist’ role is the most sought-after one, with around 860,000 job openings. The skills most desired in digital marketing are social media, content strategy, Google Analytics, and SEO. As there is a wide array of facets in digital marketing, the number of vacancies is high. In fact, companies are facing crises in finding efficient digital marketing professionals. Hence, currently, it is a great decision to join the best digital marketing courses in Thane and fulfil your dream of getting a reputable job. What Will you Learn in the Digital Marketing Course in Thane Before joining any digital marketing course, you must understand the critical specialities within the industry. Email Marketing is all about sending promotional emails to targeted lists, but it requires specialized skills. Marketing emails are sent to various prospects to let them know about your brand and engage them through emails. Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of entire digital marketing. Companies look for professionals who have excellent knowledge of social media, quality content, mobile search, competitor analysis, and website analysis. All these factors can improve the website’s ranking, and this is the work of SEO. Copywriting: Copywriting is all about producing a wide range of content, like taglines, punchlines, product descriptions, ads, emails, etc. They can also generate content for emails and video scripts. Obviously, a copywriter requires a strong command of language, but beyond that, they must be creative and curious. After gaining such skills from your digital marketing course, you can earn a handsome amount. Social Media Marketing: Social media is a vast part of digital marketing. Companies want professionals who can promote their brand on various networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Learn all the different ways to promote your brand on different platforms through your digital marketing course. Conclusion To conclude, you must join a digital marketing course in Thane to learn about content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, copywriting, and all other strategies. All these strategies have their value, and various companies have various requirements that you can meet after gaining such skills. So, join a reputed institute like DSK Academy to learn all the concepts of digital marketing right from the beginning. The academy is known for their practical learning with real-time examples to let you learn from your mistakes. Inquire about the digital marketing courses in thane fees and join the course now.

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