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After 12th Digital Marketing Course? Career, Scope, Job Opportunities & Salaries.

After the rise of the Digital Era, businesses are competing for a notable online presence. An increase in demand for Digital Marketing Services results in the opening of abundant job opportunities. If you have just completed your high school and you are not sure what to do next, enrolling in a digital marketing courses is the perfect way to start a rewarding career

Why to Consider Digital Marketing After 12th?

Exploring opportunities for a career after high school could be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Self-revelation is of the utmost importance right now. Once completing high school education, a career in digital marketing can be rather fulfilling. There are lots of opportunities in the field of digital marketing. It is an excellent choice for young students. Check out some pointers to have an opinion-

  • Future-Proof Career: Digital marketing is evolving rapidly due to the growing dependency on the internet. This leads to a safe and secure professional route.
  • Diverse Skillset: Doing a practical digital marketing courses gives you an extensive set of skills that include content creation, social media marketing, SEO, and much more. Due to its adaptability, you may explore several specializations within the field.
  • Competitive Salaries: Compensation is competitive due to a high demand for skilled digital marketers. Your earning potential rises dramatically with experience.
  • Flexible Work Options: Global borders do not apply to the digital world. In this field, you can find remote employment and freelancing opportunities that allow you to have a flexible work-life schedule.

What to Expect in a Digital Marketing Courses

A digital marketing courses generally takes 6 months to 2 years of period, depending on whether you are enrolled in the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai and the type of course. For a basic idea of what to expect, consider this:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The field of digital marketing requires search engine optimization. It means improving a website so that it ranks higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for particular searches. Organic traffic, or potential customers who are actively looking for what you have to offer, is what SEO aims to provide. It happens by improving your website content, technical elements, and backlink description, which increases your online credibility.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): Utilizing the power of well-known platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to achieve a variety of marketing targets, social media marketing (SMM) is an essential part of digital marketing. It involves more than simply creating accounts and occasionally posting. Developing a strategy plan with precise goals is part of SMM.
  • Content Marketing: Content is the king of Digital Marketing. Creating and regularly sharing insightful, useful content that appeals to your target audience is significant. This goes beyond simple self-promotion; rather, the priority is on giving responses, reacting to what are their issues, and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. You can improve brand awareness, develop connections with both current and potential consumers, and develop trust by continuously delivering engaging content such as blogs, videos, or infographics.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising is an important element of digital marketing where advertisers only pay when customers click on their ads. Organizations can reach the target audience interested in their products or services by using this focused approach. Imagine only receiving payment when a customer enters your actual business as a result of your advertising. PPC functions in the same way online.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Analytics and reporting are essential tools for evaluating the success of marketing campaigns in the field of digital marketing. Data from different digital mediums like websites, social media, and email campaigns are collected and measured as part of analytics. The performance of the campaign, website traffic, and audience behavior are all shown by this data. On examining these data, marketers can identify the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches.

In our digital marketing module listed above, there are few more things that are included for our students. These are:

  • Canva
  • WordPress web designing
  • E-commerce store creation
  • Payment gateway integrations

We have separate trainers to train students on these topics and all such modules are included in our digital marketing course. So, let’s learn new things in our digital marketing modules with us, as we want students to become proficient in every aspect. 

Career, Scope and Job, Opportunities

After completing a practical digital marketing courses, you will be ready to explore a wide range of exciting jobs. Have a look at some popular profiles:

  • Digital Marketing Executive: Assist with various digital marketing activities, from social media management to email marketing campaigns
  • SEO Specialist: Optimize website content and technical aspects to improve search engine ranking. Responsible for online presence in search engines.
  • Social Media Manager: Manage a company’s social media presence, creating engaging content, and building online communities. Represents the social image of brands or individuals by their services.
  • Content Marketing Specialist: Develop and implement content strategies to attract and engage a target audience. Content management and distribution come under their duties.
  • PPC Specialist: Manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns to generate leads and drive conversions. Getting leads and curation conversions is their main job.

Salary Expectations

Expectations regarding salaries in digital marketing vary significantly depending on experience and other elements including region, industry, and size of the organization. In India, entry-level positions such as Digital Marketing Specialist can earn between ₹3–4 lakhs per year, while experienced employees such as Digital Marketing Managers may make up to ₹8 lakhs. Most importantly, certain skills and certifications have a big impact on earning potential.

Beyond the Course

A digital marketing course from the best digital marketing institute in Mumbai gives you a foundation, but further education is essential in this constantly developing industry. To keep ahead of the curve, use these strategies:

  • Industry Certifications: Earn certifications from well-known organizations like Hubspot and Google to prove your skills and improve your CV.
  • Stay Updated: Digital marketing is still a growing field. keeping informed of upcoming technology and trends by getting involved in forums, workshops, and thorough reading of business magazines.
  • Build a Portfolio: Showcase your skills and experience by creating a portfolio website or engaging in freelance projects. This demonstrates your capabilities to potential employers.


A dynamic and fulfilling career path can be pursued by doing a digital marketing courses after high school. Enrol in a certification program in digital marketing with DSK Academy to get in-depth knowledge of digital marketing concepts. 

Since inception, we have focused on quality and practical learning and have trained thousands of learners in several aspects of digital marketing. Our main aim is to ensure that our students can get the maximum benefits from teaching methodology.

Courses Offered:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging mastery

All the above courses are offered both online and offline

Campus and culture of DSK Academy

With an outstanding campus in Mumbai, we believe in practical learning of students to let them understand real-time challenges. We also focus on the soft skills development of the trainees for their overall development.

We believe in a module, one-trainer policy. Thus we allow students to learn specific modules from industry-return experts who have around 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 


We provide a 100% placement guarantee to give a good start to each student. Till now most of our students are placed in reputed companies. Before placement, our trainers prepare students for mock interviews so that they can perform well whenever they appear for their real interview.

Call us today for more details.

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